【「Being 創造」在生活中的例子】:墜入愛河

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【「Being 創造」在生活中的例子】:墜入愛河
Being 是即刻的(Being is instant.) 。思想雖然迅速,但與 being 相比,是非常緩慢的。
讓我們用墜入愛河 (being in love) 做為例子。
Being is instant. Compared to that, your thought is very slow. As fast as thought is, it is very slow compared to being.
Let's use your very human example of being in love.
Remember a time when you fell in love. There was a moment, a magical split second, when you first felt that love. It may have hit you, as you are fond of saying, "like a ton of bricks." Suddenly, it came over you. You looked at that person across the room, across the dining table, across the front seat of the car, and all at once you knew that you loved them.
It was sudden. It was instant. It was not something you had to think about. It just "happened."