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2019:A year of the Corssing of the Threshold
2019:A year of the Corssing of the Threshold
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(Bashar said on this dialogue that before the year of 2050 Earth will become a true harmony, a true paradise…)…So, 2027 will be the"kick off point"for that  very strong one, and you'll see a lot of different things happening in that year. It will be a very exciting time.

Now, before that time, we give you a little bit of a preview. Coming up into your next year of 2019, which we're going to label the crossing of the threshold.
You will find 2019 will have what you will call a lot of things breaking up, ups and downs, scattering, more splitting into different parallel ideas, more dichotomy, more polarization.
But, again, the continuation of getting everything out on the tables, you can decide what kind of reality you truly wish to have. And it will lead up to your year of 2020, which is a very important point for a variety of reasons  we will get into more detail later.
But the idea is you can understand it symbolically as not only the idea of 2020 vision, seeing very clearly now, where you are heading, but also the way you use it in your reality of 2020 hindsight, where you can really look back, see where you have come from much more clearly, to make a very clear decision in that year of where it is you would prefer to go.

And really begin to live in the reality you prefer, regardless of what may be going on with other people's choices.
Regardless of what other choices they may make to experience different kinds of reality, and you may feel vibrationally compatible with.

Regardless of that, the splitting into the different parallel realities, and the different path that can lead you into the reality you prefer, will truly be happening in 2020, where you have much clear understanding and much clear vision of where you have come from, why you have come that way, and where you can go from there.
And that will help in that period leading up to 2027. That will help crystallize it for you, and make sure that you are precisely, exactly synchronistically where you need to be that serves you best in 2027.
So that you may experience the fruits of all you have learned in the beginning of the point of contact with other worlds.
So, we thank you for working with us in this way. It is absolutely our passion to be able to further contact with your civilization among the other civilizations that we have contacted.
It gives us great joy to be able to know that it is possible to interact with your world in this way, and invites you into the family, so that you can begin your process of moving at whatever pace is comfortable for you from the idea of Homo sapiens to Homo galacticus.
知道能夠「透過此方式與你們的世界互動,並邀請你們進入這大家庭」是可能的,讓我們非常高興。如此一來,你們便可以依照適合你們的速度,從「智人」(Homo sapiens)演化為「進化新人類」(Homo galacticus)了。
So, we will talk more about this in more detail as the years progress, as it begins to unfold.
We will point out certain synchronicity that it would be wise to pay attention to.
So, you can add them to your bag of knowledge, and your ability to gain more insight and outer sight, as to what's going on around you more clearly.
And taking into account what we discussed last night of your time, knowing that you are all time travelers in the sense, determining which parallel reality path you are taking.
By following your joy, by acting on your passion to the best you can, dropping all the insistence on what you think is supposed to happen, and letting reality show you, letting creation show you, the gifts that it has for you, and responding to them in a positive way, will drive you forward.
And allow you to experience the greatest acceleration that we're talking about that will come to ahead in 2027.







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